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Voice Teacher, Dundalk, Ireland. Lessons in singing and preparing the voice for public speaking. Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Navan, Cavan, , Dublin, Northern Ireland and surrounding areas, also Skype.

Specialising in vocal technique rather than style coaching so singers of all musical styles can benefit.

I got the part!


Back in may I auditioned for the part of Mrs Lovett in SONGs upcoming production of Sweeney Todd. For the audition we had to prepare Worst Pies in London, the duet My Friends and the first chunk of dialogue between Sweeney and Lovett. Rob Vicars (who has just been announced as director for the show!) chaired the panel and the two producers were also there taking notes.

I wasn't too happy with my rendition of Worst Pies in London. I felt like I was scooping up to the higher notes instead of hitting them clean but I did make a bit of an effort with most of the actions that Mrs Lovett has to perform during the song. I have to say though I LOVED singing the My Friends duet with one of the Sweeney auditionees, what an amazing piece of music that is. It sets up the dynamic between the two central characters and actually I'd say it pretty much sums up their entire relationship for the rest of the show. Poor oul Mrs Lovett!

Rob put me through my paces with the dialogue section of the audition and even though I had script in hand he was able to get us (Sweeney and I) to really bring the short scene to life. I loved the dialogue part of the audition and after I left the hall it was the first time I thought 'Wow, I really want this part now!' Lovett is the role of a lifetime.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the phone call came in 'it's yours if you want it'. I shouted YES before the producer got to the end of the sentence!

Since it was announced that I was given the role of Mrs Lovett lots of people have been saying 'Congrats Irene, you were born for that role' which I smile and say thanks but in my head I hear...'You are the perfect person to play an ageing business woman who has terrible taste in men!'

It'll be a stretch!


Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street will be on : 4-7 Feb 2015 Tain Theatre Dundalk