Singing Lessons Dundalk, Ireland

Singing Lessons

Voice Teacher, Dundalk, Ireland. Lessons in singing and preparing the voice for public speaking. Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Navan, Cavan, , Dublin, Northern Ireland and surrounding areas, also Skype.

Specialising in vocal technique rather than style coaching so singers of all musical styles can benefit.

What's the right age to begin vocal training? How old is "too old"?

I find that most children do best starting training no earlier than 7 or 8 years old.  They should be able to read words.  With younger students, the important thing is  to keep singing fun, learn some songs and give them experience of chest voice, mix and head voice. As to the best age to start? Well, all children develop slightly differently. Children who concentrate well and have a strong desire to sing will move ahead more quickly. Piano lessons, or lessons in another instrument, can be helpful. And to answer the question how old is "too old"? If you can talk, you can sing!  My oldest client is well into their 70s and doing amazing!


How long will it take to learn to sing?

That question cannot be answered without hearing your voice first. Every person who comes in has different vocal tendencies, and some students may have old, ingrained habits that need to be altered to be able to sing the desired songs. For some, this can take months, while others can pick the technique up fairly quickly. The great thing about IVA is that we diagnose your voice type on your first visit and get straight to work with exercises tailored to suit. I usually divide the class between exercises and learning a song of your choosing .

What is different about your technique?

The key to good singing is understanding "Mix". As you sing higher into your range, you quickly encounter areas where your voice may "jam up", or it "breaks" and sounds weak. We call this area a bridge or passaggio. When you learn how to approach these areas in the right way, you can negotiate through them with finesse, increasing range into the higher areas.


 I've been told I am "tone deaf", can I learn to sing?

Tone-deafness is actually very rare. If a person has trouble singing on the right notes, there may be a variety of reasons for this. Sometimes they just haven't learned how to use all the different parts of their voice (from low to high) so the notes don't go up when they need to go up. We can work with you to pinpoint what your problems are, and to help you improve. All students notice improvement from studying our technique.